In the last six years, I have experienced tremendous life changes. I had a very serious life-threatening health condition that created a domino effect which resulted in my entire life falling apart. I lost my marriage, my home, my job and my security. I endured 9 surgeries, many hours of lying in bed, detoxing from heavy pain medications and a lot of crying, I mean A LOT! Let me say it has taught me to appreciate everyday I am on this earth.  It was through all of this, that I learned that in fact I had all that I needed right inside of me! Not only to survive, but to thrive, be resilient and assist other women who are suffering.

After emerging from this experience, I discovered that many women are craving a more beautiful life. They are drowning trying to be the perfect wife, mother, friend, professional and whatever else they have on their plates. Ladies - you are seriousely out of balance!

My transformation through this process has been an amazing journey and I believe I am here today to share with you some of my natural talents to help you curate the life you crave and desire. 



For the past two years I have been working with women to assist them in curating their most beautiful lives though my coaching work. I work to bring clarity and focus into what you are craving in your life. I then assist my clients in really understanding where they are and finding immediate ways to close the gaps that cause them to suffer. This is the purpose of our work together.