Hello and welcome! 

In the last  6 years, I have experienced tremendous life changes. What seemed "perfect" from the outside, what a complete mess on the inside. I was worn out, living someone else's life dreams, taking my health and vitality for granted and I was miserable. I was a shell of my true self. 

In 2012 I was diagnosed with very serious health condition that created a domino effect which resulted in my entire life falling apart. I lost my marriage, my home, my job and my security.  I endured 9 very difficult surgeries, many hours or lying in bed detoxing from heavy pain medications and crying a lot. I mean A LOT! 

My personal journey taught me so much. In fact it has been the greatest gift I have ever been given -besides my kids. It has taught me to appreciate everyday that I am on this earth, it reconnected me to source energy and forced me to do something different. I embarked on a personal development journey that led me to my mentor Tony Robbins and the emotional and physical healing power of essential oils.

Frankly these gifts saved my life. 

Once I had a very clear picture of MY value system and a personal mission statement, I understood for the first time in my life why I was living in such suffering. I learned that I had all I needed right inside of me not only to survive but to thrive. To be resilient, kick ass and stay positive no matter what was coming my way.

I believe that LIFE HAPPENS FOR YOU NOT TO YOU. Through this growth, I found my true passion of assisting other women who are living in their own source of suffering. 

It seems that so many women are craving a more beautiful life. They are drowning trying to be the perfect wife, mother, friend, professional and whatever else they have on their plates.  I know, I was there!

My passion is to work with you through my coaching to help you curate the life you crave and desire. 

I am here to support and encourage all women to live a beautiful and resilient life by starting with the most important part - self-care. When we put ourselves first, we nourish our body and soul which makes us more available to serve others. 

My dear friends, life is short and we all should be living our most beautiful life in our most authentic way. That is what I strive to assist you in doing!

As you get to know me though my site, offerings and blog posts, you will have a front row seat into my life, home and family and my own personal journey to a more beautiful life!