Sunday Style 10-16

Halloween Fun

My dear friend Jeanne and her lovely twin daughters were just here in Walla Walla for a visit from Seattle.  They came for the famed Balloon Stampede Weekend here in Walla Walla but the wind and rain got the best of the flight weather.  Also it has been a bit of a busy back to school season and I had not completed my porch decorations for fall/Halloween and their arrival. I have a little chalk board on my porch and Jeanne's daughter Grace, who took a handwriting class at her local Paper Source in U-Village, volunteered to adorn my chalkboard with a spooktacular message.  Check it out!  Thanks Grace!  We looked on Pintrest to find some fun ideas.  Grab a chalkboard and pen at JoAnne's and have some fun!

So cute right?? 

So cute right?? 

This is from  Jones Design Company  she does such cute things!

This is from Jones Design Company she does such cute things!

Heidi Wells