Sunday Style


I received the fall preview from Nordstrom this week packed with luscious new things for fall. Although I have to say I am not ready for cooler weather yet just kicking off summer and all. 

 It always has been funny to me how fashion is so cyclical. The looks for fall are very 40's inspired with luxurious fabrics, military influences, embroidery and bright colors.  I try so hard not to get sucked into the fads of each season but they are pretty, pretty, pretty!  As you know I am an ardent believer of the 10+1 wardrobe items that I cover in my Styling Workshops. So if you don't want to spend $7000 on a Gucci jacket to have a unique piece for fall I recommend this jacket from Zara for $149.00.  It is unique and you can wear it with all of my 10+1 Essential Items..... a black skirt, dark jeans, and white jeans.  Throw on a loose fitting tank and some cool shoes and you are styling on a budget!


I just launched my FREE Downloads of my Weekly Menus for you peeps!  Over the years I have watched my girlfriends spend COUNTLESS hours at the grocery store each week at 5pm no less, trying to answer the most dreaded question we all HATE..... What's for dinner?  So to help a girl out I am publishing my weekly menu plans on my site for you to download and take one more thing off your plate. Ha ha! pun intended!  I highly recommend taking 2-3 hours on Saturday or Sunday to cook and prep all of your food for the week. Trust me this will save your butt in spades later in the week!  CLICK HERE to download my menu for this week.  Watch for more foodie deets and recipes coming soon!


OK so it is summertime!  Yay!!!!  I have many things to share with you to curate a very stylish  patio to enjoy over the summer months,  but I feel this is more urgent.  So I have these cute and adorable labradoodles, Truffle and Vincent.  I Seriously LOVE them, they sleep with me and I am trying to convince my work to let me bring them. But no go so far. 

Sooo.... after a hike out in the mountains last week, I found a little critter on my pillowcase as I was reading before bed. Yep Mr. Tick was coming for my head! SO GROSS!!!! My pond guy recommended a spray called Cedar Spray.  It is all natural, safe for kids, pets and mamas! I sprayed the shit out of my room and the dogs.  Just wanted to share in case you all have doggie dogs to protect along with your hair.  Happy summer!



Heidi Wells