Uniform Required


Want to make your life easier? Cut back on spending tons of money on clothing you don't wear?  Look chic, pulled together and classy?  Problem solved- wear the same thing everyday.

Now for some of you that may seem boring but the reality is we only wear 20% of what is in our closets. So why not jump on the micro-wardrobe movement and make your life a bit easier? Hey French women have been doing this for years because they value quality over quantity and they don't have huge walk-in closets. Also they spend half their paycheck on sexy lingerie which is fodder for another blog post that will come later.

When you curate your wardrobe around several key pieces, this will make it easy and simple to get going in the morning, leaving more time for meditation, coffee with your partner, some exercise or a longer shower.

Now I am not suggesting that you take all of the creativity out of getting dressed but here are some interesting observations.

My daughter Audrey recently began attending a private school with required uniforms. The fact that she doesn't have to "think" about what to wear each day has reduced her anxiety and increased the rate at which she can be ready for school each morning.  I know, truly scientific research going on here at the Wells' household!

Also many successful people have a "go to" uniform that they feel good in and it allows them to perform at a peak level. Think of Steve Jobs.... Now I am not suggesting that you get that streamlined, but you get the idea here. 

I recently watched the documentary Minimalism and it was eye opening to see all the waste that is going on in the world.  I am not suggesting that we live with nothing, but rather really deeply consider the pieces of clothing we purchase and put on our bodies at a more conscience level. Some of the footage will shock you. Check out the movie trailer HERE

I decided to take the challenge and see how creative I could be with 10 clothing items not including coats shoes or accessories for the 2 weeks. 

So ready to take this challenge? Follow the rules below and let me know how it goes! 

The Rules

  1. Choose a selection of 10 items and wear only those for the next two weeks.
  2. Mix and match them however and wear them with whatever accessories or shoes you want.
  3. Seasonal necessities (like winter coats) and special-occasion wear (like a dress you'd wear to a wedding) wouldn't count toward the core mix.

This is my perfect go to easy wardrobe full of uniforms! You can mix and match any of these pieces and you will never go wrong. Classic, chic and stylish. Add scarves, funky shoes, sneakers, or anything that makes it more "you" and you have a great capsule wardrobe that will make it easy to get dressed every morning no matter work, a date or a kids soccer game!

Heidi Wells