Clearing Clutter To Clear Your Mind

Are you ready to change your life?  Feel less stressed, less anxious, want more time to relax and chill? Then my friends, it is time to declutter. 

Now I am the kind of person who goes all in when I declutter. I realize that for some people that is very overwhelming and difficult.  So today I am going to offer you the 7 Day Declutter Challenge. 

It works like this, for the next 7 days, you will pick one area in your home to declutter. It should only take 15-20 minutes each day but the cumulative benefit over the 7 days will be huge. 

Research show that people who live in clutter suffer many negative effects. For instance, a 77% reduction in productivity, a 65% reduction of State of Mind, a 40% reduction in motivation and a whopping 20% reduction in happiness!

The good news it there is a cure for all this that doesn't involve medication! So, if you are ready to make some changes, take this challenge, clear you clutter to clear you mind and get a little headspace for more important things.  My 7 Day Declutter Challenge  is so easy and painless you will be so shocked how much better you will feel 7 days from now!

To make it even easier for you I will give you a cheat sheet.  Just follow the directions below- very little thinking involved. 

Day 1 - Night Night Nightstand: Declare your nightstand a clutter-free zone. Limit the number of books, magazines and accessories vying for space and attention. If you don't have a nightstand with a drawer, use a basket or tray to keep organize. Make sure to leave some room for a small vase of flowers and a pretty glass of water!

Day 2 - A Jungle of Jewelry: Untangling your necklaces and bracelets or hunting for that matching earring can be tedious and tiresome. Use artful hanging jewelry stands and beautiful boxes display your frosting. Separating expensive and inexpensive pieces as well as silver and gold items will further cut down on the clutter.

Day 3- Your Linen Closet: Tame your linens by organizing and separating items with the help of canisters, baskets and adjustable shelving. Folding all items neatly and arranging each shelf per room will also assist with clutter. This is the time to go through all your bath towels and get rid of ones that are a little tired that could be relegated to the dog bath pile.

Day 4-  Freezer Fresh: How often do you clean your freezer? Sometimes we banish food and forget about it. Keep an updated list of your freezer's contents so you know what you need, what you can keep and what needs to go in the garbage. I recommend keeping frozen goods about 6 months. 

Day 5- Closet Clutter: Cleaning your closet can be a daunting task. Here is a simple trick to help you clean your closet by seeing what you ACTUALLY wear. Tie a ribbon at one end of your closet rod. Each day you wear something, put it on the OTHER side of the ribbon. Now continue to choose outfits from the "not worn" side of the ribbon. If you find that an article of clothing that doesn't fit, you don't like it or it needs repair, there you go - you now know what to get rid of! keep a basket in your closet for clothing that is on its way out.  Trust me this is the easiest way to clear your closet clutter with minimal effort and time.

Day 6 – Manage Your Entryway: This is a tough space. It tends to the be the drop off and space where mail, keys, and general clutter can build up quickly. Make you entryway functional with tables, hooks, baskets for shoes, ceramic trays for keys. I always sort my mail at the garbage can outside so I don’t have to deal with junk mail clutter in the house.

Day 7 –Kitchen Chaos: For your final day challenge, take 20 minutes and go through your dishes, glassware and silverware. Does everything match, are their chipped plates or mismatched items? Maybe those cute dessert plates that you never use could go to Goodwill? I recommend buying all white dishes that way everything matches and is perfect for open shelving kitchen concepts. 

BONUS:  For those of you who love a little extra credit, take a few moments and give your car a little organizational love! It will make your commute more pleasant

Heidi Wells