Refine Your Morning Routine

Mornings....Ugg they can be so daunting especially in the winter.  We are running to get out the door, get the kids to school, get to work for our morning meeting and somehow fit in a workout AND make sure we have a plan for dinner that night. Right?? OMG sometimes I just want to say "Calgon take me away!"

I have played this game far too long and I wanted to make a shift in how I approached the mornings after I had recovered from my illness as I was trying to take as much stress out of my life as possible. 

Today I want to share with you my top 10 strategies for an easy, stress-free morning.  

The real magic to a smooth morning is doing a little prep work the night before. I hope you will incorporate some of these ideas into you own life and hopefully it will help you feel a little less stress in your life come sunrise.

The night before

1) do a 10- minute mini house clean - make sure the kitchen is cleaned, prep the coffee maker, put the mugs out, wipe down counters and put away clutter. I like to wake up to a clean organized house. It feels less chaotic in the morning. 

2) Pack your lunch and/or breakfast and leave in the fridge. If you are packing lunches for kids do as much of their lunch prep the night before as well. I cannot eat before 9 am so I pack both breakfast and lunch for me for work.

3) Take a quick look at your schedule for the next day and choose your outfit. - I hang mine on the back of my closet door on a special hook. This makes one less decision I must make in the morning.

4) Clean your room and put away any clutter. It is hard to get a good night's rest when surrounded by clutter. Your bedroom should be a sanctuary. Light a nicely scented candle or turn on our essential oil diffuser with some lavender oil while getting ready for bed.

5) Get ready for bed.  I clean my face, brush my teeth and make sure I handle any skincare issues I have. I also use essential oils to assist in better sleep, and to bring clarity and emotional healing. I have a good friend who has an IiTOVi scanner which measures over 270 bio-points in your body. The scan will generate a report telling you what bio-points need to be resolved in your body. It is truly a great way to look at healing your body and emotional wellbeing.  You can check it out HERE. Essential oils have become a daily part of my life since my illness. I cannot stress the importance of them.  I review my scan results each ad apply oils or take the supplements that I need.

Wake Up Time

6) Wake up and give yourself a few minutes to adjust to the light and set some good intentions for the day. 

7) Meditate for 10 minutes - you can do this lying in bed or wherever you are comfortable.

8) Drink a cup of warm lemon water BEFORE coffee! There are so many benefits to drinking lemon water each morning. It just starts your entire system out just right!

9) Drink COFFEE!!! Repeat!!

10) Give yourself the gift of 30 uninterrupted minutes to shower, put on makeup, do your hair and get dressed. I also recommend that you listen to some kick ass music while you are at it that puts you in an awesome frame of mind to slay your day!


Heidi Wells