Dreaming of Summer

Last weekend I did some serious work in my back yard and as I was working, I was plotting and planning for the summer months ahead and how and what I need to do to my yard this year to continue to curate the space to feel like a vacation spot at home. 

My kids and I always are joking about our patio being the Three Seasons instead of the Four Seasons. If you have ever had the luxury of staying at Four Seasons you get what we are striving for here at Shadow Pond Estates.  Also, we decided we needed to name our house to give it a more upscale feel.  My hope is that my kids will keep their rooms cleaner because of it.  I'll let you know if that works! LOL!

I purchased my home 3 years ago after my divorce solely based on 2 things the amazing potential of the back yard and the kitchen. The owners were out of town and my agent and I walked into the back yard and peaked into the only window you could see in (which was the kitchen) and I was hooked! I made an offer before I could tour the house. It was a great decision for my family for many reasons and I have spent many hours here recovering from several surgeries that I have had to have over the last several years. There is nothing like being in the presences of nature to help you heal.  It has been a sanctuary for me.  All the spaces in our homes should feel like a sanctuary, even the laundry room! That is for a later post.

Curating the outside of your home is just as important as the inside. Especially in climates that allow for months of outside dining and entertaining. I have been slowly working on my front and back yard, cleaning out the English garden style for a more French/Italian looking space.  I tend to lean more towards a more formal garden look. It has taken me a while to get some of the overgrown roses out but this year it should all be cleaned up. 

Since this is my first summer of no surgeries in four years, I am so looking forward to celebrating a lot at the Three Seasons! So, in the spirit of summer on this dreary winter day, I am sharing with you my top 10 additions to make your backyard space more beautiful. 

Ten Easy Additions to Make Your Backyard Beautiful.

1- Outdoor Carpet - Get on Overstock and find any number of outdoor rugs for your space. This will help it feel more livable and grounded.

2- Couch/ Love seat  - Noting says "let's get cozy" like a couch or love seat with throw pillows and a blanket. If you are not sure about the concept, rent one for a special event and see how you use it.  Trust me you will like it!

3 - Side Tables - I just love little side garden tables with clay pots and succulents.  When I was in Italy they were everywhere. It instantly adds a chic European vibe to your space. 

4 - Lamps - Standing or table - Lamps add sexy low light at night that you just cannot get from candles. I have both on my patio in the summer. 

5 - Bar Cart - This is a perfect addition to the patio to keep you from running in and out of the house for drinks. Much more attractive than a cooler!

6 - Urn - I love the old world charm these add to the space. Empty in a garden bed or planted, an urn is a must have back yard item. 

7 - Curtains - When I think of high-end hotel patios, curtains are always part of the decor. Ikea has some swinging deals on curtains. And there is nothing more beautiful at twilight than curtains flowing in the wind. 

8 - Chandelier or String lights - I am so loving a chandelier outside. There are some great light fixtures online that are not that expensive.  String lights are everywhere today! Throw some up for insta glam!

9- Candles - Need I say more?  And because I am freaked out about West Nile Virus, I get the citronella candles. 

10- Water Feature - I love the sound of a water feature. I have a pond and waterfall in my backyard. If you don't want to take on something that big, just get a water pump for a beautiful pot and add some water plants. Just know that if you add fish or snails, you may have raccoons coming to feast at night...  I know this is from experience.  And note to self, they do not clean up after themselves - suckers!

What do you desire for your outdoor space and how can you make it more beautiful?  Now is the time to begin planning!


P.S. Wanna join me for dinner in my backyard this summer for a NY dinner in Walla Walla? If so check out the deets here. It is going to be an epic dinner party with amazing food, wine, likeminded women and great conversations. 

Heidi Wells