How to Curate the Perfect Office Space

Tax season is upon us... UGG! So of course I have been working on gathering my paperwork for my accountant. While in the process, I decided that I needed to reorganize my office to function better for me. I felt like it was a little out of hand  this last year.  Know the feeling?

Sometimes after working at my desk all day at the office, I really don't want to come home and sit in my home office and get back on a computer. I need a little break but the show must go on! So, to make my office a bit more enticing, I wanted to create a space where I could write, pay bills, plan for my business, and be really productive but have it be beautiful at the same time. 

If you follow my blog posts, you know that I love beautiful spaces and I have to have beauty in my home to make me feel at my very best!

Last January, I repainted my office a beautiful light grey color and ordered some inspirational artwork that makes me feel happy and motivated to keep moving my life forward. I made sure that I have plants and a comfortable desk and chair. My view is of the park across the street which I love. I can also watch the sun and moon come up over the mountains. This too makes it a very nice space to work.

I also needed to overhaul how I was organizing my bills, papers to file and projects in the works.  I found some really cute file folders that say Keep It, Do It, Pay It, and Love It.  Now when I sit at my desk, I can move the appropriate paperwork into the correct folders. This keeps the clutter off of my desk and my floor and out of the dog's mouths! Seriously, my dogs eat my paperwork.... 

Once I complete my tax prep and everything is off to my accountant, I clean out my files for the previous year and start new folders in my one file drawer I have in my office. I am trying to go as paperless as possible. 

This year I was given an echo dot as a Christmas gift. I have to say I love it in my office as I can ask Alexa to add to my to do list, grocery list or be my own personal assistant for spelling or various questions. I didn't think I would like it but I really do!

If you are so inspired to beautify your office space no matter at home or work, here is some inspiration for you to consider to transform you office into a bit of a sanctuary. 

10 items you should consider for an office overhaul.

1- Desk - If you don't want to buy a new one, could you paint your existing one to give it a new life?

2- Desk Chair - It is very important that you have a comfortable and ergonomically correct chair. Your back will thank you.

3- Crystal lamps - These lamps will elevate your office to chic status!

4- Cool file folders that are fun and functional - If you're gonna file why not have fun?

5- A Stealthy filing cabinet - Make it work overtime as it can double as a night stand or printer stand.

6 - Inspirational art work - I need consistent reminders to keep moving forward, do you? 

7- A comfy chair for a guest, spouse, child or client - I love to have people visit with me in my office. I have a couch in my work space and a big comfy chair in my home office.

8 - A great set of speakers - I have these Bose speakers- what can I say, they rock!

9- A gorgeous smelling candle - I am currently crushing on the sent of Manhattan is is clean and has some masculine energy to it. 

10 - A basket for magazines and catalogues - This is a great way to store magazines until you can take a Saturday and go through them one by one. 

Also if you have a few minutes, watch my video on a recent office detox and learn why it is so important to have a space that feels organized, functional and beautiful - even if it is in a closet!


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Heidi Wells