We reap what we sow.


It's finally spring here. Thank the LORD! This has been a very long and hard winter. Not only from a weather standpoint but from an emotional standpoint. The election of 2016 is finally over and whether you lean left or right, the whole thing took an emotional toll on everyone. The new year did not start off looking much better.  I do believe that it is in our best interest to move forward, stop the negativity and think about this, what could we sow now to curate a better life later?

Tomorrow is the first day of the spring and I couldn't help but think about how we should take a little hint from nature. The concept seems so easy but for some reason we keep sabotaging our efforts. We hit snooze when we need to get up and exercise. We binge watch The Crown instead of working on filing in our office. We clean the house when we really should be investing in self-care. We drink one more glass of wine when we should order water. Ok now you all know what I do instead of doing what I SHOULD be doing. LOL!

I am sure you are familiar with the saying "We reap what we sow." It is so true and yet we forget this very important lesson. If we are consistently thinking negative thoughts, we will get more negativity in our lives. If we do not take care of ourselves, we will get sick, run down, and become exhausted. If we do not fuel our bodies with good healthy food, we gain weight, we feel undernourished and tired. If we do not exercise or move our bodies, we get lethargic, and have no energy. Ok, so you get the point.

How do we take a cue from nature and get all that we desire? Well it is simple, we just have to plant the seeds that will curate the beauty we want in our lives.

Spring is about renewal, growth, and emergence.  Spring is the time to plant the seeds for what we want to see and eat in the warm summer months ahead. What is it that you desire? What are your dreams? What do you want more of in your life? I challenge you to take some time this week to think about these questions and then decide what are the seeds that you need to sow to reap your desires, dreams and wants. Have fun, be selfish and dream big dreams. Right now I desire to get rid of the ants in my house! Side note sorry...  If you happen to have completed a vision board for 2017, you can look back at it and make sure you are doing all you can to accomplish the images you put on your board. They are there for a reason. 

Having a hard time thinking about what to sow? Here is some food for thought.... 

  1. If you want to take a trip but  are a little low on funds, think about every purchase you make and ask yourself if it will assist getting you on that trip? If not then don't buy it. 
  2. Do you want to lose weight or get fit? Suck it up and do the work. Set you alarm for 30 mins earlier and do a quick workout at home. Start small, you will get there. Also choose what you put in your mouth and ask yourself- is this going to get me to my goal? If not, don't eat it or make a better choice. 
  3. Do you want deeper and more meaningful relationships with your partner, kids or friends. Then purposefully schedule time with them to connect and just talk or do something fun!
  4. Do you want to take better care of yourself? Then pick up the phone right now and book a pedicure for yourself. Pick a fun spring color and show off those pretty little toes!
  5. Do you want to make more money? What could you do to increase sales? Talk to 2 more people each day for the next two months? 
  6. Do you want to be more organized? Get on Pintrest get some good ideas and then just break it down one room at a time. Get in there and spring clean.. um it feels so good!!

Cheers to spring and to you sowing all of the seeds you need to get what your heart desires!! 


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Heidi Wells