How to find your own superpower

I love uniforms and as you may know,  my go to uniform staple when the weather warms up is the dress!


I mean - you put it on, choose a necklace and some snazzy shoes and you are DONE.  Where is my Staples Easy Button right now? I love dresses so much that during my spring shopping this year I bought all dresses - 6 in fact. There was a really good sale! By choosing a dress, I can get dressed in like 30 seconds. Who doesn't want a little more time in the morning? 

I was not much of a dress person growing up or even attending school. I was a bit of a tomboy and hey, hadn't we finally earned the right to wear jeans to school? Ladies of an earlier decade had to wear skirts even attending public schools. I was just doing my part to support the feminist movement.  I really never wore dresses in my corporate stints at Microsoft or Starbucks.  I always felt that being feminine in that environment made me seem weak and vulnerable.

Here is the funny thing, the dress has magical powers when coupled with your beauty, grace, and gifts.  People of both sexes look at you in a different light. A dress can be disarming and powerful at the same time. It can make you find superpowers you never knew you had. 

As I approached my mid-forties, I began to understand that part of a woman's power is being feminine and vulnerable. Not in a negative way but it is a secret superpower we have and the more we use it, we can get all that we desire. I am not suggesting for a moment that you are dishonest or fake. I mean be feminine and vulnerable in your unique way. 

So, might I suggest as you are shopping this spring season, pick up a couple of dresses. Make sure you feel very comfortable in your choice as you will only find your superpower when coupled with a dress that you are rocking! Here are a few of my favorites. 

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Heidi Wells