How to walk on fire and not get burned

I just returned from an incredible 4 day experience in LA with Tony Robbins called Unleash The Power Within (UPW).

For those of you who are not familiar with Tony Robbins, he is an American businessman, author, and philanthropist. He became well known from his infomercials and self-help books: Unlimited Power, Unleash the Power Within and Awaken the Giant Within. He is an advocate for changing your life by changing your limiting beliefs, rewriting your story of truth and moving forward.

The first day of UPW, ends with the infamous "Firewalk." You may be saying at this juncture, walk on fire? That is just crazy! Yes under any other circumstance, it would be crazy but there is a method to this madness. About 2 hours before we walk on 2200 degree coals, Tony literally works the audience up into a frenzy. He is instructing us on how to safely walk across hot coals by getting into a certain "mindset" or 'state" as he calls it.  By the end of his talk, I am like, holy crap there is no way I can do this! It was midnight, I was tired, hungry and a freaked out. How could I finish the next 3 days with 2nd or 3rd degree burns on my feet? Thoughts of burning my feet on hot sand while playing volleyball one summer kept swirling though my mind. I hate burns. They are painful and you risk infection and um duh, if you get them on your feet you can't walk and I like my feet the way they are!!! 

But as we started to exit the Galen Center to head to the Firewalk location on the USC campus where there were 30+ stations of burning hot coals waiting for our naked little feet, I decided I was in. I came here for the full experience so I jumped in with both feet, literally. To be honest, I was a bit skeptical as to how this was all going to shake out, but I thought about it like childbirth - a lot of other people have done this so can I.  As we walked to our destination, we were chanting "yes, yes, yes." I am fairly positive that the students on campus thought a cult may be taking over the university as it was a crazy sight to see. 

The process happens so fast. You are striping off your shoes and socks, loud music is blaring and the energy is electric with fear and excitement. Volunteers are quickly moving people forward into lines and before I knew it was my turn to "step up" and walk across the coals. I made my move, imagined getting to the other side, looked up, said YES and went for it. 

When it was over, all I felt was the volunteers rinsing off my feet with cold water. I was thinking that was cool! Pun intended here. Done, not hard, no burns. I kept asking my friends if it was really hot because it felt cool and damp to me.

The coals were real as you can see by the image above. The magic here is your mindset. When you are properly primed and ready for what you need to do it is very easy. The two hours getting us "PRIMED" is what gave us the ability to walk across 2200 degree coals without getting burned. The purpose of this exercise is to prove to ourself that we can do the unthinkable. The power was in us the entire time. There is so much more to share about this 50 hour experience. Even some A-listers were in attendance. Let's just say they are a big family with a reality show and all the girls names start with a K. 

I wanted to share this experience with you because it applies to all areas of your life. When you are primed and in the right mindset, you are unstoppable. You see your goal on the other side, you get in the the mental state and just go get it!

What do you want in your life? Do you have a specific goal in mind but feel like you don't have the tools to get there? Well the good news is that once you can get you head wrapped around your success it will happen. Remember where your mind goes energy flows. Think about it, see it done and accomplished and I promise it will happen.

Do you want to lose weight, find the love of your life, have a deeper relationship with your friends or family? Then see it, feel it and know in your heart that it is done! Get rid of your limiting beliefs, negativity, and destructive self-talk. Then step up, put your chest out, look up make your move and say YES! 


P.S. My feet did feel a little tight the next day so I realize the coals we actually hot not cool moss.(more on cool moss later)  Want to talk more about how to have all that you desire in your life? Then book your seat at my  GNO Dinner on July 29th. Seats are selling so reserve your spot today! 

Heidi Wells