Why are we so attached to Western medicine?

I have recently made a decision to become a doTERRA wellness advocate earlier this year. What this means for me, is that I am sharing the amazingness and healing powers of all natural certified therapeutic grade essential oils with anyone who will listen to me. I have been a power essential oil user for about the last year and it has really changed my life.

My decision to begin to incorporate oils into my healthcare and in some cases to replace my prescriptions with essential oils was huge and scary for me, but I was internally driven to seek a more natural solution to my health care needs. So, I jumped in and I am not looking back!

This brings me to my question above. Why are we so "attached" to western medicine?  I believe we are in a national healthcare crisis and we should challenge our belief system about using Western medicine.  As I talk with people about essential oils, I have encountered several areas of resistance to giving up traditional medications and in most cases what I would consider habits. I recently listened to a podcast featuring Chris Kresser who explains the keys to a healthy diet and why Western medicine is failing us. I would highly recommend that you listen to the podcast when you have some time. But it gave me even more ammo for my post and why I believe we are so attached to this way of healing in the US.   
Don’t get me wrong, Western medicine saved my life when I was diagnosed with cancer 4 ½ years ago. Western medicine kept me out of pain after I had my ribs, nerves, muscles and sternum cut out of my chest. Western medicine keep me from losing my mind out of depression and anxiety when my husband left me 7 months into my cancer diagnosis.  

But, once the “urgent” medical and emotional issues had passed, I wanted to take a good hard look at what I was putting into my body, examine how and why I got cancer in the first place, and then put a game plan together so I could prevent it from ever coming back again.  

In my education on essential oils, (and am still learning so much!) I learned that our body systems are clogged up with chemicals and sugar and for many of us, and our gut is out of balance. When all of this is happening, our cellular health is compromised, our immune system is shut down and as a consequence, we get sick, we experience inflammation, we age at a more rapid pace, we are depressed or anxious and we basically feel like shit.

I am not suggesting that you stop seeing your doctor and throw out all of your medicine. I am just simply challenging you to ask yourself some simple questions. How do I feel - physically, emotionally and mentally and could the medications I am taking be a contributing factor to how I feel? 

Here is a little statistic you should know… in 2016 US healthcare spending was 4.1 trillion dollars! That is 20 cents out of every dollar spent in the US, was spent on healthcare and yet we are one of the sickest nations. If that isn't scary I don't know what would... 

For those of you who know me personally, I am not a “health nut” I believe in moderation, I believe in living, I believe in enjoying food and wine. But I also believe in seeking another alternative to Western medicine to reduce the “side-effects” of any drugs that I am putting in my body. I will be honest, getting cancer scared me, and it made me rethink a lot about my life and what I was putting into my body. 

I recently cleaned out my medicine cabinet and removed all of these drugs. 

I recently cleaned out my medicine cabinet and removed all of these drugs. 

I also think there is a general belief that doctors know the most about our bodies. Doctors know human physiology but they do not “know” us. We live in our bodies 24/7. Doctors spend on average 12 minutes with their patient and then hand them a prescription (and most times NOT explaining the side-effects) and they walk out the door. I feel that I do need to say at this point, I do believe that doctors really do want to help people get better.  However, they know nothing about what is really going on in our lives, how we are feeling emotionally, physically and mentally. It is not part of the Western medicine culture. Doctors look at the the issue rather than a wholistic approach to the patient. It is not their fault, it is how they were trained to approach disease. 

The other point I want to make is that a doctor’s business is called what? It is called a “practice."  Think about that word for a moment.... We somehow think that doctors know all and in some way we hold them in a higher power than others as they can save our lives. But what you must remember is they are “practicing” on us with Western medicine. No doctor can ever give you a 100% clear diagnosis. They are just “practicing” what they know from their schooling, research and experience as a doctor. I respect that they have devoted their lives to their craft, but it is not the be all end all for our health and wellness solution.

I don’t know about you, but if this is all just practice, I want to be the one “practicing” on MY body with something natural and with something that will not have negative side effects.

So back to my question. I believe that we are attached to this way of thinking because it is what we know and it is how we were raised and Western medicine has not shifted in a way to practice the way to get out in front of the chronic illness epidemic that is plaguing our country. I am just asking you to question your belief system around the possibility of incorporating more natural solutions into your life. At the end of the day, what have you got to lose? 

Heidi Wells