What’s Your Vision for 2019?


Well, another year has passed us by.

I sorta have a love hate relationship with this year ending. I had some pretty big health challenges that I am glad to be able to put behind me, but I also had some amazing adventures and my first born went off to the college of his dreams and is thriving. All in all, life is really good.

But didn’t it go by so fast? It seems that every year I live on this planet, time is just flying by.  I still cannot believe I have a 20-year old son. Where did that time go? It was strange this fall walking by the play equipment at University Village and saying to him, “I used to bring you here to play all the time when you were a little boy and today I am sending you off to UW.” It was a very sentimental and yet inconceivable moment for me.

I know many, if not all of you reading this have had some personal challenges this year. I want you to know that I am sitting in empathy with you and what you are going through. Maybe it was a healthcare issue as well, or the loss of a family member, a cherished pet, your job, your marriage, your youth, loss of faith in our country, or loss of time.  

Loss has an interesting way of making sure that we are standing at full attention, face forward in the mirror saying now what?  

Loss sucks.
I believe that what is brought into our lives is a gift. It sometimes takes a very long time to see and understand that, but I have had some of my biggest breakthroughs when I was at rock bottom and losing everything.

In spending the last days of 2018 ruminating on all that has happened FOR you this year, I hope that you choose to find a gift in some of the losses.

As we get ready to countdown the last moments of 2018, let's talk more about time.

In my work, I am always hearing from my clients “I don’t have enough time.”
From my perspective when we say this, we are talking about something that we perceive to have lost before we even had it. How many times have you heard or said yourself, “I don’t have enough time to learn to paint, or to play with my kids or to go on a date with my husband.”  All of that is in the future. We are gaming ourselves into thinking that time is commodity.

Our greatest opportunity to live our most beautiful life is to understand and redefine the concept of time.
— Heidi Wells

Time is something that we think and feel there is never enough of. Or, for some people there is too much of it. Just take a day or two and see how many times people reference time. It may come out as where did the time go? or I am so busy, or wow that day went fast or today never seemed to end.  These are all just conversations about time.

I challenge you to go on a time diet. Just stop talking about anything to do with time. Become aware of how much you talk about it. The thing is, the more we say we don’t have the time, the Universe responds by keeping us busy. Remember that where or mind goes, energy flows.

Time is an interesting concept to me right now. My kids like to remind me that my life is half over, and it has caused me to reflect on the “time” I have left.

I recently learned about a concept called Einstein Time.
If you have read the book The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks you will understand what I am talking about.

Einstein Time basically is the concept that we create our time. Time doesn’t come from some external time vending machine that we keep plunking quarters into madly so we can get it all done. All this does is create stress, anxiety and depression because we will NEVER get it all done. When we are on Einstein Time, we take full responsibility for making our time. It’s ours after all. Nobody “owns” our time, only we do.

As I look forward to the next year and all that is ahead of me, I am taking this new concept of time right into 2019 with full force.

Making or owning our time requires a regular practice of internal and external boundaries.
The beautiful thing is we have the choice in how we spend our time and thus our energy. Boundaries are the only way to protect and use our time the way we want to. This is a shift from time management to self-management. You might want to write that concept down.

My question to you is, are you spending your time on the right stuff? Time spent moving you forward, lighting yourself up with joy, crossing off bucket list items, growing, expanding your consciousness, loving and learning?

To make sure that I am spending my time on the “right stuff”, I always start the year with a vision board process. This is exciting for me as it involves dreaming and scheming and listening to my heart about all that I desire in the new year. I then find images or words to represent these things and build a “vision” of the year to come.

I am never sure how, when or where these things or experiences will come from. I simply trust that the Universe is abundant and if I stay focused on my vision board daily with my thoughts, words and actions, somehow it will all come true.

Now for some of you, this might seem a bit woo-woo but it works.
It has been a practice by some of the most successful people in history. Read the book the Secret, Think and Grow Rich, or The Game of Life and How to Play It. The concept of manifesting all that we desire is available to all of us at any time.

Take some time over the holidays to sneak away with a cup of tea or a glass of wine and a stack of magazines and start tearing out pictures that speak to your soul. Glue them to a board and look at it every day. Believe that you deserve and are worthy of all that you desire and see what happens in 2019. I think by this time next year you will be amazed!

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Heidi Wells