Sometimes you gotta breakdown to breakthrough

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Have you ever had a breakdown so bad that you thought you may never recover, move forward or stay in stuck in that dark place for the rest of your life?
If you are a human being and are totally honest with yourself, my guess is you answered yes to all of the above. 

The reality is that life has set us up for this. Life is against us from the moment we are born. We freely choose to decide if life happens to us or for us. When we live in the later mindset, we know that our lives give us the opportunity to learn, grow and up-level to a higher consciousness.  It is through the gift of our breakdowns that we get to the upside in our lives.

For me, this summer has been filled with so many breakdowns and breakthroughs.
I have traveled for much of the summer which put me in places out of my comfort zone, it helped be break limiting beliefs about women and travel and I was also able to cross a few things off my bucket list. #killingtwobirds. I also had to deal with very serious health situation that pushed me into several breakdowns and breakthroughs. 

Experiencing new cultures, having DEEP and meaningful conversations with my girlfriends that challenge my very being and the bullshit stories I have been telling myself my whole life, lying in MRI tubes and sitting in doctors offices, allowed for some pretty big breakdowns and breakthroughs. #blessed. 

While this work is hard and emotionally challenging, it has pushed me to move higher on the Pyramid of Mastery towards Contribution and Spirituality. Breakthroughs help us to shift our mindset, change our language patterns, understand what part of us is in change, and, most importantly, they revel how to shift to make the situation better. 

Do you know what is so amazing about breakdowns?
When you are stuck with a limiting belief, and you have a breakdown and you are feeling alone, helpless, filled with depression or anxiety, the best thing to do is to stay with your thoughts and beliefs and ask, "is this true?" 99% of the time it is not true. When you answer honestly you will uncover the truth that some "part" of you is protecting you from something. Do not miss the importance of dealing with this part of you rather than numb the pain of it though, food, exercise, alcohol, binge watching Netflix, drugs or whatever your numbing method of choice is. 

Stay with it and keep questioning it.
Be curious. If you can do this, you will be blessed with the answer you are seeking. When we can get quiet, clear and question what is true, the answer revels itself. It is really that easy. It was all inside of us already.

You see when we are stressed, scared, angry, depressed or have anxiety, we fall back into our old patterns, we allow a part of us to run the show and that part keeps us stuck in our limiting beliefs. 

Within us we have many parts.
The warrior who gets shit done, the little girl who is playful and fun, the pragmatic one who is always putting the kibosh on fun and is serious and methodical, or the soft empathetic one who has a heart so big they want to save the world. They all exist within us and no you are not Sybil! To have breakthroughs you have to understand that this is part of our human makeup. 

So this week begin to just be aware of your emotions and ask yourself is this true and who is running the show right now? Then take some deep breaths and sit with it. If you can call upon the right part of you to deal with the situation at hand and maybe send some other parts of you on a permanent vacation, you will be having  breakthrough after breakthrough! 


Heidi Wells