Closet Detox 

Love Heidi Wells!

Thank GOODNESS I had Heidi Wells declutter my closet!

It seems like a mundane, unglamorous task to organize a storage space but, a woman's closet is SO MUCH MORE!  It is where we store our personal dreams of looking marvelous or offers comfort when we need a big sweater to hug us on a rainy day.  Decluttering my closet helped me re-find my spirit and I feel like I have decluttered my head!  I feel more creative, youthful and graceful because I can easily put outfits together that express my personality while meeting my day's purpose. Everything I own is organized and visible.  And I know (because Heidi helped me) that every outfit I put on looks fabulous, fits and is in great condition!  She gave me tips on how to wear the clothes I have, a list of what I need to get that would compliment my wardrobe and she even emailed me links on where to purchase them! Her coaching gave me confidence in my appearance, freedom to express my personal style and excitement for all the new possibilities.  My closet is orderly and I am in control of my checkbook since I know what to buy and what to leave at the store. IT FEELS GREAT!  I am ready for Heidi Wells to declutter the rest of my house... and LIFE.  I am open to new opportunities to express my style with grace!!!! Thank you Heidi! 

Kind Regards,



We have lived in our home for 14 years and I could not imagine any different way to arrange our living room.  Within minutes, Heidi moved a chair to create a cozy sitting area with a view of the fireplace.  She shopped our home for the perfect lamp and added touches like silk drapes and a rug in the dining area and colorful pillows for our couches that add warmth and elegance to our space.  I woke up the next day feeling like a kid at Christmas excited to go downstairs and see my beautiful rooms.   Working with Heidi is pure magic - she has an infectious enthusiasm and is teeming with creative ideas and resources. Her creativity is off the charts.  I can't wait to do more rooms with her.  We are so fortunate to have her here in Walla Walla.  Heidi set me at ease, making what had seemed like a daunting project feel simple and even exciting.  She has awakened my own creativity and I am seeing even more possibilities for our space.  My husband and I are loving the elegance and warmth Heidi brought to our home and are looking forward to more Heidi magic in other rooms.


Get Out of Town Packing 

We have all experienced the dreaded "night before a trip packing." 
What a nightmare ... What to take? Will I remember all the pieces to complete an outfit ? Overpacking and hauling around a suitcase full of items never worn!
Heidi Wells and her Wardrobe preparation / packing service is absolutely a MUST!!
Because of a back injury I was physically unable to pack for  my trip to California.
I hired Heidi... What a GIFT to myself!! 
Heidi came to my home , packed enough to give me flexibility with a travel wardrobe for 3 weeks away from home.
She put together 10 different outfits with very few pieces of clothing. Honestly I was skeptical as I watched her go through my wardrobe ....laying out different options  she assured me with mix, match and layering  of my basics and using few items of color to add pop I'd be fine.
In an hour she had me totally packed, organized and all in my smallest suitcase!
I am now well into my time away and I have been pleasantly surprised with the variety of outfits I have been able to put together. While planning on weather being warmer I was a bit concerned about being warm enough when days turned cold. No problem!  I had everything I needed to layer up for warmth.
I have even surprised myself with some of the new "looks" I've come up with.
To say I'm thrilled with her service is really an understatement! I will never pack for myself again!!!
If you are planning for a weekend away or 2 months in Europe do yourself a favor... Hire Heidi!
It was fun and oh so Easy!!! I just sat and watched the magic happen!
My next step is going to be to hire her to completely go through my clothes with me and really get my closet "wear ready!" Say goodbye to the clothes I'm "waiting to wear when I lose 10#!"
Happy New Year... To a more organized life! 
Thank you Heidi for making this a fun journey!
Jayne DiDario

OFFICE STYLING & Event planning

I love what you are doing!!  You have amazing talent in so many areas. Seriously... You are my "Go to" person for anything style and organization.  Thank you again for all you did to make our Grand Opening at Walla Walla Sotheby's International so fun for me!  You did it ALL... Only thing left for us to do was enjoy the evening! Priceless!! Thank you so much.


Walla Walla Sotheby's Office Design and Styling by Heidi Wells

Walla Walla Sotheby's Office Design and Styling by Heidi Wells